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Mike Dudevoir


January 1, 2024

Committed Club - December 2023

Each month we recognize our members who have attended 15+ classes....a true testament of commitment and consistency. If a member qualifies for the Committed Club for 12 straight months, they become members of the Kettlebell Club, and we buy them a kettlebell bell, paint it green, decorate it with their name on it, and they have it forever to keep at the gym or at home. If a member makes the Committed Club for 24 straight months, they become part of the even more prestigious GOLD Kettlebell Club, at which time we paint a kettlebell in gold with their name on it. Showing up 15+ times per month for a year or two years straight takes planning, preparation, and execution at an elite level...and we want to recognize that!

December 2023

Nick Markos 26

Matt Skotz 24

Meghan Sutherland 24

Sarah Walker 22

Macaulay Robins 21

Nora Walker 21

Stephanie Arzigian 21

Hannah Bromberg 20

Michael Kramer 20

Elizabeth Guenard 19

Mariana Roter 19

Matt Stambler 19

RaShon Shavanaux-Comeau 19

Saron Bun 19

Edwin Mejia 18

Kelly Cave 18

Kim Ruma 18

Pavlo Sinkevych 18

Greg Dantona 17

Kelly Bun 17

Maureen Bakis 17

Mike Staxfeld 17

Nick Ochoa 17

Brian Polizzotti 16

Brian Poth 16

Carlos Rivera 16

Catalina Duran 16

Connor McNamara 16

Jimmy Kuykendall 16

María Jaramillo 16

Mike Saccomani 16

Rachael Klavir 16

Becky Suciu 15

Ben Turner 15

Chris McDonough 15

Gabriela Guerrero Diaz 15

Hernando Rodriguez 15

Melissa Staxfeld 15

Roberto Valencia 15

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